Price: $5

Seller: Stacy Kinsler
State: California
City: Buena Park
Zip code: 90621
Type: Animals

Throttle is 2 yrs old, fixed, microchipped, 4 years left on her rabies shot, and I can't take her with me. She must have a new home by 5/6/11. Many homeowner insurance companies take pit bulls like Farmers. She is not a licker except if my grandson sticks his face up to hers. Good home required. New owners must walk her each day and/or take her to the dog park and you must have a yard large enough for this 55lb dog to run and play. Her favorite game is tug-of-war. I give her large stuffed animals to rip up and play with and she has regular dog toys too. She has a toy box I keep in the house. She just pulls the stuffing out and never eats it. She's eating Nature's Recipe; other brands make her itch or give her bumps on her skin. She has no scars or wounds. She is good with older kids like age 8 or 9 and up. She has never bitten anyone but with the younger kids she gets so excited that she sometimes jumps up on them and they fall down. She knows her basic commands and a few tricks like high-5. I walk her on a 20' leash so she can run and play. She sleeps with me every night and I don't make her stay outside while I'm at work. She can come inside anytime she likes. However, I have put her outside for various reasons and she doesn't whine. She will bark at people who come to the door but she lets them right on in hoping to get petted. She is not a guard dog! She doesn't jump over fences. She will occassionally dig for a gopher as we live next to a field. She has one brown eye and one hazel eye.